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Skin Care Do's & Don'ts...

By Ron Dun January 09, 2018

Don’t be afraid of Retinol…

Though they once held a reputation as an aggressive ingredient, derms say a pea-size amount rubbed all over your face helps speed cell turnover—and our formulation is gentle enough for sensitive skin. (With that said, if your skin is superfinicky, apply retinols every other night until your skin can better tolerate them.)

Do make sure you protect every inch…

Make sure to rub enough SPF 30 (usually two teaspoon-size blobs) all over your face, neck, hands, and chest—but don't forget other oft-skipped spots like the hairline, the jawline, and the ears.

Don’t forget your skin changes as you age…

Skin gets drier, thinner, and more sensitive as you age, which means the perfect moisturizer right now might not always be your go-to. Keep up with your skin as it changes and think in terms of issues like redness, zits, wrinkles, etc.

Do use products at the right time…

Get the most out of your skin-boosters by tweaking your schedule: Use antioxidants, like our Vitamin C Serum, in the morning to protect your skin throughout the day, and exfoliants and collagen boosters (like our Retinol Serum) at night to shed and rebuild cells.

Do make sure you don’t put off Anti-Aging Treatments…

Start anticipating changes so you can prevent deep lines before they start. If you spot a crinkly or crepey area of skin, start applying serums and lotions containing a mix of peptides ASAP. Peptides give you the building blocks to make collagen. Try our Anti-Aging Moisturizer with duo-peptides and green & white tea extracts!

Do use what’s been clinically proven…

There are so many new, shiny toys on the skin-care market that it's easy to get swept up in the hype. But it's best to go with what’s been clinically proven to work. For instance retinol and peptides are great for fine lines and wrinkles. Green tea calms redness and vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant.

Join a beautiful skin revolution that only nature can provide. Choose from a wide selection of skin care products featuring natures greatest vitamins and minerals. Research proves that nature can do wonders to keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant. From Hyaluronic Acid, to Antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E to Retinol, you will find it all in our skin care product line.

Taking care of your skin no longer needs to be confusing or frustrating. Go with a brand you can trust, Stellar Skin, and products you know will work for each of your skin care needs.

Grab a bottle for yourself now and get an extra for a friend to join you in this beautiful skin revolution. And remember…with Stellar Skin a portion of your purchase goes to support abused and battered women. Look good AND feel good!

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