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Cucumbers are known to cool the body and are considered to be packed with health benefits. But cucumbers are not just for eating. You can drink cucumber juice for skin that is healthy and beautiful, or apply it on your skin directly and watch it work its magic. Here are 8 key beauty and skin care benefits of cucumber:

1) Cucumber is made of 96 percent water. That spells hydration. And if hydration is key to healthy skin, cucumbers got it! But water is not all that cucumber contains. It also has other nutrients like magnesium and potassium. For ages now, cucumber slices have been the go-to remedy for under-eye dark circles for women across the globe. Said to be a skin toner, whitener, refresher, and soother for irritated and sunburned skin, cucumber has many benefits.

2) How does it help with acne? According to a study examining the benefits of cucumber on human skin, cucumber lowers sebum levels significantly. This oily substance that the sebaceous glands in your skin release collects, and with the dead skin cells, clogs up the skin follicles, eventually leading to eruptions in the form of acne.

3) Because of its high water and antioxidant content, cucumber helps hydrate skin and makes it supple. According to a study, cucumber juice has strong anti-hyaluronidase activity. This means it keeps the enzyme hyaluronidase from degrading hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in the body which helps draw moisture to the skin. Cucumber’s refreshing and skin-tightening effects make it an excellent natural skin toner.

4) Your skin also has a protein called elastin, which, as the name suggests, maintains the elasticity of the skin. Cucumber inhibits the breakdown of elastin caused by the enzyme elastase, thus tightening the skin and supporting cell renewal along with building collagen.

5) Cucumbers are loaded with lots of nutrients making them a natural sunscreen. The credit is due to the flavonoids, tannins, and vitamin C in cucumber that give it an antioxidant property that helps it combat the cell-damaging free radicals generated by UV rays. Cucumber also has pain-relieving effects. And both these properties explain cucumber’s presence in sunscreens and sun-protection lotions and as a sunburn reliever.

6) A natural skin whitener and bleach, cucumber can bring down the melanin content of the skin, making it good for sun tan removal. When your skin tans, it leads to an increase in the melanin content of the skin, making it look darker. According to some studies, the biochemicals present in cucumber extract inhibit tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the production of melanin, and that’s how cucumber inhibits melanin synthesis.

7) If you have sensitive skin, cucumber can be your best friend. Not only does eating it cool the body when the mercury rises but applying it topically also soothes the skin. According to research data, cucumber soothes skin irritations and reduces inflammation. Being a natural hemostatic agent or that which accelerates blood clotting, it helps heal skin scars.

8) The ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid in cucumber are capable of preventing water retention, making it a great choice for swollen eyes. Now you know why its slices are used on puffy eyes. Cucumber extract applied topically is helpful for burns and dermatitis, or skin inflammation.

Now you know why we use cucumber in our toner and face scrub. Try them now!

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